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Changing life styles, emotional stress and demanding work schedules are an accepted part of our life today. So are the chronic disorders like Diabetes, Hypertension, Obesity and Heart diseases that come along. To overcoming this limitation Sridhar’s Diacare have taken a step towards optimum health care with our special diacare packages.

• DiaCare Diabetes Programme
• DiaCare Megamaster Programme
• Diacare Corporate Package
• Diacare Global Package

All Diacare Packages offer a complete solution towards early diagnosis and direction towards health management. This is done as you take a much needed three day break at our Diabetes Centre.

The Diabetes Packages has been structured with diligent care and it incorporates a complete diabetic check-up with ultra modern investigative equipments and a highly specialized medical team. Diet and Nutrition Counselling, Patient Education, Exercise Training and Yoga Therapy, Stress Management and Counselling is included in the packages and will be given to patients in need.
Each package has its distinct structure with a primary visit and subsequent follow ups as required and will be selected as according to the need of the patient. Following this the patient will be advised monthly follow ups. All packages are provided at a very subsidized and Special Cost.

DiaCare Global is a programme specially designed to reach out the facilities of our centre to people living outside the country and neighbouring states. Kerala…The God’s Own Country, is at the top on the tourism map world wide today. It’s rich heritage, cultural and social background has attracted tourists from all over the world. The most picturesque and scenic Wayanad, situated on the beautiful hilly ranges of the Western Ghats, is one of the-.top tourist destinations in kerala. It is famous for its pleasant and cool weather, scenic mountain ranges, wild life, herbs and spices, coffee and Tea Plantations and most elegant holiday resorts.

Medical Tourism
An ultimate answer to Diabetes Management as you unwind at Kliffsview

Diacare Global,a unique and special programme of our center offers a week long medical holiday for our most privileged and overseas patients. As we take care of your Diabetes and its associated medical and surgical complications through a thorough and complete evaluation and management at our medical center at Calicut and also at our medical facility at wayanad, we also offer you a refreshing and relaxed holiday with your loved ones and family at our holiday retreat situated in wayanad,amidst the lush greenery and most scenic locations in the western ghats in kerala.

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