If you wish to control your diabetes, then you need to do proper exercise. Diet is also a vital part of your attempt to stay healthy and fit, despite your diabetes. We have well-trained dieticians to care for your health and diet. They will also counsel you on what to do and how to maintain your health.

The dietician can also help to chart out the most suitable healthy diet plan for you. We are committed to delivering Healthy Living with diabetes. Our diligent dietitian will ensure that they provide the require support for patients who aim to fight against diabetes.

Exercise is also known to help patients to control their diabetes. It helps to lower the blood sugar levels, thus cutting down on the need to use insulin. It also helps to improve the energy levels and cut down the risk of heart diseases and comorbid conditions.

You can start slow and increase as required as you go along. Walking, swimming, biking or aerobics are all various exercises that a diabetic patient can adopt for healthy living. You can choose the type of activity that you enjoy best.

Keep monitoring your blood sugar to see how the diet and exercise is affecting your diabetes.

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